Neon EL Wire (9FT) 8 Colors

Light Up Masks Neon LED EL Wire. Available in 8 unique colors. Stand out at any occasion with the most impressive LED lights on the market!  Includes: Flexible El Wire AA battery pack with three flashing modes. (Batteries Not Included)    Features: Flexible and water resistant, can be bent into any shape! 360 degrees of illumination Energy saving, long life time Life...

GloFX Pixel Pro Remote (Replacement)

Did you lose your Pixel Pro Remote? Have no fear, you can easily order a replacement remote! The Pixel Pro Remote will work with both GloFX Pixel Pro LED Glasses and Goggles. GloFX Pixel Pro LED Eyewear features a fully customizable microchip complete with over 350 different modes including a full color spectrum. Pixel Pro features multiple solid color modes, strobing...

GloFX USB Rechargeable Battery Pack

We know the pain of running out of power during your favorite DJ set and we’ve come up with the perfect solution! With the GloFX USB Rechargeable Battery Pack, you can rave through the night with confidence knowing that you’ll always have a backup battery source for your GloFX Pixel Pro LED Eyewear. Once fully charged, this USB Rechargeable Battery...

EL Wire AA Battery Pack (Replacement)

Light Up Masks AA Battery Pack to power el wire and el wire lighted masks. (Batteries not included) Includes: AA Battery Controller for El Wire and El Wire Masks.  3 Modes (Constant, Slow Flash, Fast Flash) Life time: ≥12,000 hours Designed, assembled, and shipped from Los Angeles, California.